Event Planning

Giving to your students by way of holding an event of some kind at your school will go a long way in creating and building your yoga community. All studios have a group of students that form the foundation of the school. The ones that come, day in and day out, and have done for years.

With event planning, you will keep your students interested by providing them with opportunities to learn, be inspired and opening your students up to new ideas and ways of thinking.   Keeping it fresh so to speak.

Events don’t need to be a big affair. A few well organised hours gathered together, will work magically to create a bond between you and your students. This bond helps your students make the decision to return when the going gets tough, particularly if their enthusiasm for the series is waning.

You have to think outside the box but here are some simple events that have worked for me in the past

  • having Chai tea and fruit after class maybe once every 3-4 months. Really easy to do
  • conduct a yoga workshop or posture clinic once / twice a year
  • bring in an international  guest teacher that might be in Australia
  • bring in different health professionals to deliver talks on things like nutrition, the spine, etc
  • yoga class every now and then to music.


Your teachers will also benefit by event planning. Something as simple as meeting at the local pizza parlour for dinner or maybe going to a bowling alley for a few rounds. Your teachers will appreciate the effort. Invite a couple of students along to add to the mix. Try not to talk about yoga. hahaha

Once again, I can help you with events you might like to run and give you some guidance as to what has worked for me in the past. Get in contact with me and lets talk about how event planning could add to your business.