Mentoring Your Teachers

If your not mentoring your teachers on a regular basis you are not getting the most out of them.

I have always found that regular sessions with everyone working on a particular aspect of the series brings your crew together.

You as the school owner may have identified a common point of misalignment running through the school. At the mentoring session you would bring this up and discuss as a group and plan ways to affect change within your students.

  • Maybe talking about different issues some of your students have.
  • Maybe discussing what it means to lock the knee.
  • What’s your policy on standing separate leg stretching.
  • How do¬†you deal with a fainter?
  • What timing do you have as a standard within your school for triangle, Standing Head to Knee, Half-moon pose?

The list is endless

Mentoring your teachers will ensure the product you are delivering will remain consistent. There is nothing worse in a school to hear a teacher moving a student one direction and then another teacher saying something to the contrary. It causes confusion in the student which can be easily averted

Furthermore sharing the knowledge will invigorate your teachers to do a great job. The teachers will become inspired by regular mentoring sessions.

I personally would recommend at least 1 hour per month. It is not a lot of time. Say the first Tuesday of every month so that the teachers can plan for it and then you will have maximum attendance.

I am quite happy to advise over a Skype conversation or attend your school on a regular basis to assist with your mentoring. Give me a call and we can talk about your individual needs.